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"Smoke In Your Eye Makes You Cry"

Introducing the new 18-page coloring book, “Smoke in Your Eye Makes You Cry,” by artist and poet ‘Texas Tim’ Webb - an effective education tool for parents, schools, medical professionals, guidance counselors and all interested child’s health advocates in introducing anti-smoking messages to young children.

Coloring books have been and will continue to be utilized for introducing important health issues to the youngest members of our society because they are a non-threatening, tried and true method in reaching grade school children who are developing motor skills and a foundation of ethical behavior. The American Cancer Society and the Center for Disease Control encourage parents to talk to their children “early and often” about tobacco use. In light of this recommendation, this coloring book acts as a marvelous tool to promote parent-child dialogue simply from a parent reading the anti-smoking puns, jokes and play on word poetry to their children. It is both humorous and instructional, allowing the child to interact with parents in an intimate setting but also providing an opportunity for the child to take the initiative by coloring the characters such as an Armadillo who looks similar to Elvis that is singing while smashing a Sickarette © with his foot.

“This book belongs in every child’s ‘Survival Kit.”Denton A. Cooley, M.D., founder, president and surgeon-in-chief, Texas Heart Institute

The pursuit of happiness – the quest for a long and healthy life - is the dream of everyone. Freedom and happiness come to us easily if one is not chained to addictions. Each addiction brings with it hidden consequences. Our children must learn, at an early age, the dangers associated with addiction to tobacco. The stories in this book attempt to warn our children about the dire risk of nicotine addiction and the false glamorous rituals that surround a burning cigarette. Texas Tim

When the early explorers came to America centuries ago, they found that the natives smoked a plant called tobacco. The explorers took tobacco back to Europe, where smoking soon became a popular habit on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Little did the people of that day realize that this habit would harm their bodies and make them prisoners of tobacco. Now that medical science has shown what bad effects tobacco has on the heart, lungs, brain, and other organs, smoking must not be allowed to continue. As this habit dfisappears, smokers will no longer be respected or accepted by society. So, don't be tempted to try tobacco. Refuse the offer of a "puff", and stay away from smokers. Second hand smoke is harmful too. The stories in this book teach the lessons and the dangers of tobacco in a delightful way. This book, belongs in every child's "Survival Kit". The knowledge will serve them from childhood through adulthood into their parenthood. Remember that there is a good reason why smoke rhymes with choke and croak. Be a community model, lead a clean life and stay healthy!

Denton A. Cooley, M.D.

Chief of Surgery and President

Texas Heart Institute

Houston, Texas


"Sing-A-Long Song"





by TEXAS TIM © 1996

Arnold Armadillo

Liked to dance and sing

Smoking Sickerettes

Didn't mean a thing.

Arnold smoked when he danced

And while he sang a song

He smoked too much

And couldn't dance very long.

Went to see a physician

Dr. Thomas Brown

The doctor checked Arnold's heart

RX - Put the Sickerettes down.


It's been three months now

Arnold was happy to stop

He sings with a band and dances for the fans

Shakin' to the Armadillo Hop.


This book develops imagination.

This 18-page book is a catalyst for improved reading skills.

A valuable aid that teaches healthy habits inside the HOME, SCHOOL, and CHURCH


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