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Texas Tim is a Freelance Artist & Poet. He studied Art at Florissant Valley Community College in St. Louis, The Pratt Institute in New York and the University of Houston.

In 1993, he wrote and appeared in the Art Instruction video "Fun with Caricatures" which aired on PBS Stations nationwide. Tim's first book was "How to Draw Designer Caricatures" - an art book that shows the secrets to drawing funny faces.

"Smoke in Your Eye Makes You Cry" Volume1 is an ideal book for young readers. Each story contains jokes, puns and play on words, with a delightful visual tapestry of animal characters. The lively personalities range from a tiny Bee to a T-Rex dinosaur to a singing Armadillo. In their own unique way, they tell the tales about the dangers of tobacco addiction.

Texas Tim's stories teach reading skills, an appreciation for Art and Literature with an Anti-Smoking message.

Read them to your children tonight!

 "CREPE MYRTLES AT JACKSON HILL" by Texas Tim, April 2006




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